Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunny Isles Beach Real Estate

The northeast of Miami-Dade County in Florida, United States is home to Sunny Isles Beach, the City of the Sun and the Sea. Sunny Isles Beach is a city situated on a barrier island. It is spread over an area which is not larger than 2 miles. Though the area is small, it is a real estate developer’s delight, because those 2 miles pack in a lot more delightful stuff than one could dream up. Sunny Isles Beach is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side. While the western part has the Intracoastal Waterway and the northern part of the city has the golden beach. The southern area has the Haulover Park and Bal Harbour. It is one place which promises a magical combination of sun and sea.

Sunny Isles Beach is home to a largely Russian population, so much so that it is also referred to as ‘Little Moscow’. Moving along Collins Avenue, which is the main thoroughfare of the city, you will be able to find an abundance of Russian stores. Sunny Isles Beach is developing rapidly as a highly sought after resort area. Big names in the real estate business like Donald Trump have invested substantially in the real estate at Sunny Isles Beach. There are a lot of condominiums and high rise hotels being built in the area. All the old and outdated buildings are being replaced with luxurious skyscrapers. Since Sunny Isles Beach has been blessed with some beautiful views, the high rises are being designed to showcase the natural beauty of the area to its highest potential. The buildings have glass windows stretching from the ceilings to floors, promising to give the person residing in them; some ‘heavenly’ picture postcard views.

Furthermore the homes have been built with the latest technology integrated into them, helping the owners to get a taste of enjoying life in ‘smart homes’. The buildings have been equipped with facilities that are normally found in five star resorts. They have been structured and designed in cutting edge ways, which allow the residents to derive maximum comfort and luxury. All these features have also turned Sunny Isles Beach into an extremely attractive place for investing in real estate. Investors who have a good sense for potential winners are already making a beeline for buying up properties at Sunny Isles Beach. It has becomes so famous that MTV held its annual “Spring Break” celebrations for 2008 here.

Condos in Downtown Miami, Florida

The real estate market of Downtown Miami in Florida has experienced consistently high growth figures, for the past several years, these growth figures have consistently hovered around double digit figures. This has also led to an unprecedented boom, in the construction of condominiums in this region. The good news for real estate investors is that the condominiums continue to sell at the same unprecedented rates, at which they are being constructed. In fact there are frequent instances of condominiums selling out completely within a few days. Those people who are interested in buying condominiums may also like to buy or invest in high-end buildings. For them there is no scarcity, as many such buildings have already been built, and many are being planned or already under construction.

The rate at which urban redevelopment and transformation is undergoing currently at Downtown Miami, is going to turn it into an entirely different and maybe unrecognizable city in a few years. Real estate pundits have predicted that over the next ten years, the Greater Miami real estate market would witness the introduction of about 90 new, high-end, Miami condo buildings. They will come up chiefly in areas such as Downtown Miami, Brickell, the Miami Design District, Wynwood, Edgewater, and Coral Gables. Apart from that, there are projects that involve the construction of promenades, shopping centers, offices and condos which are contributing heavily to giving an entirely new look to the Miami real estate market.

If you would like to invest in condominiums in Downtown Miami area, then irrespective of the fact, whether you are new in the market or you are an experienced investor, you should consult professionals who have the expertise and background, as well as extensive resources that would help you achieve your real estate goals. However, finding a real estate agent who has the experience and skills, required to help you achieve your goals, can turn out to be as challenging a process, as the buying of your home. You should look for a real estate agent who can offer you a full range of real estate and other associated services, which can be customized to meet varying requirements of individual clients. A well established real estate agent can also help you in selling your property, as they would have a well connected international network of eligible buyers, and they would be able to market your Miami condo to this huge network of willing buyers.

Miami Beach Florida Real Estate

Miami Beach, Florida real estate as well as South Beach, Florida real estate has started being counted among the most sought after real estate investments, all over the world. It all started when Carl fisher began developing the famous Fisher Island in the 1920s. Since then the rage for Miami Beach real estate has only grown north. The past few years have seen an explosion in construction activities in Miami Beach. These include new constructions, as well as redevelopment work. The new constructions chiefly consist of homes, condos, villas and condo hotels.

People, who are flush with money and would like to put their wealth to good use, are looking towards the South Florida real estate market, for buying vacations homes, second homes, villas along the Atlantic Ocean, condominiums, single family homes, and small mansions that are found along the Intracoastal Waterways. Most of them are interested in properties spread over the Sunny Isles Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Golden Beach, South Beach and in Aventura and Bal Harbour.

The real estate market of South Beach covers a small area consisting of twenty five blocks. It is surrounded by the Biscayne Waterways, on one side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. The properties include highly luxurious stuff like the Apogee at 800 South Point Drive, and the Continuum, which is situated on the southern tip of the Atlantic Ocean. The South Beach is also known for the smaller, but historic art deco buildings that can be found at its center. Since these art deco buildings or condos were built around 1940s and 1950s, they carry a unique look and feel, which makes them very attractive.

The Miami Beach real estate is famous for the pristine sands at its beaches and its nightlife. Some of the hippest night clubs, bars and lounges in the South Beach are found along Collins Avenue, Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive. Besides that, the areas of Merrick Park, Palm Beach and Bal Harbour offer the opportunities for high end shopping. These places are always alive, with great partying. Some of the most luxurious condominiums in the planet are situated in the area that lies south of Fifth Street, also referred to as “SoFi”.

The South Beach area is quite diversified in characteristics and that is one of the reasons why it appeals to the sensibilities of a variety of people coming from different parts of the world.